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Beekeeping Books & Educational Aids

ABC-XYZ of Beekeeping $59.95
Backyard Beekeeper (Kim Flottum) $24.99
Honey in the Comb $15.95
Honey Bee Hobbist (Norm Gary) $14.95
First Lessons in Beekeeping (& Spanish) $12.95-14.95
Hive and the Honeybee (Newest Edition) $57.50
Urban Beekeeping $24.95
How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey (Kelley) $11.95
Keeping Bees (English) NEW $19.95
Study Prints (12 posters) $39.95

Other Books

  • Huge selection of children’s books on bees
  • Books on Beeswax (candles, recipes, polishes, etc.)
  • Information on Pollen, Royal jelly, and Propolis (nutrition and health)
  • Types and medicinal uses of Honey
  • Honey recipes and Honey Cookbooks


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