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Beeswax Candles

Our candles are 100% beeswax – Beeswax is the most pure & natural wax there is, it burns longer, it burns cleaner (no black smoke) & burns completely away.  And beeswax is also dripless*!  Plus it has a light honey/wax natural scent.

(Prices and Selection may vary)                                                                        * must not have any draft blowing


2" X 4 ¾", Natural yellow or Ivory, Burn time 40 hrs
3" X 4", Natural yellow or Ivory, Burn time 60 hrs
3" X 6", Natural yellow or Ivory, Burn time 90 hrs


Pairs of "hollow core" candles in many colors
All fit standard candle holders
Most colors in 10" tall, some in 12" and 16"
Cases of 6 pair and special orders availabl


Beeswax candles in these and other shapes at various prices

Votive Candles

15 hour votive candles in Unscented or Aromatherapy scents
Aromatherapy candles in travel tins, 2 oz size


2" X 9" Ivory, Burn time 80 hrs
2" X 12" Ivory, Burn time 120 hrs

Scented Pillars

2" X 4 ¾" Various colors and Aromatherapy scents