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Candle Sheet Supplies & Prices

Rolling candles is so much fun, it makes a great project for the whole family. So give it a try and remember .  .  .  anyone can do it - from age 2 to 92!  Because the sheets are pliable they can be unrolled a little to correct rolling it "not so straight" and re-rolled again cause the only part that shows is about the last 3 inches.  They make a very unique, personal, creative and overall useful homemade gift for everyone. Plus they're inexpensive! So the next time you are planning an activity for kids, senior citizens, church group or any type of "get-together" try rolling candles!

Colored Honeycomb Patterned

Beeswax Sheets‚Äč   (Sheet size is 8" x 16" [length varies])

  $ 2.95 per sheet*

*each sheet makes 2 - 8" standard size candles

See color samples below



The diameter of a pillar candle depends on how many sheets are rolled together.



Packaging and trim supplies


Plastic bees on stick pin

$ .50 each

Small Gold Stickers
"Handmade" or "Pure Beeswax"

24 stickers for $1.75

Raffia - variety of colors

$ 1.00 pkg (approx. 10 yds.)


Additional Supplies

Wick (1/2 yd. per sheet for a pair of 8" candles)

$ .30 yard

Beekeepers Sheets

$2.00 each
     10+ $1.90 each
     20+ $1.80 each
Mini Cookie Cutters - for decorating candles (bees, animals/insects, shapes, seasonals & more) $ 1.20 each
Metal ruler, 18" long $3.95 each
Blade cutter $1.50 each
Copy of the Book: "Candle Rolling, The Illustrated Guide" (step-by-step, illustrated, instructions for rolling 6-8 designs) Temp. N/A

Wax Sheet Color Samples

Top Row(from left): Yellow, Aqua, Purple, Electric Blue, Chartreuse, Cranberry, Discontinued color, Wine, Green, Ivory(looks white), Buttercup, Pink, Rust.

Bottom Row(from left): Lavender, Red, Black, French Blue, Forest Green, Discontinued color, Rose, Summer Yellow, Discontiued color.

Colors not shown are Chocolate, Sage, Gold, Natural, Blue, Pumpkin.


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